Loan  amount: 3 lac

Loan sanctioned on: 27th Aug’15

Loan disbursed date: 31st Aug’15

Applicant: Laxmi
Age: 40 years
Spouse Name: Tejpal
Age: 47 years
Family Size: 6
SEWA member since: 2008
Objective : Release house from security

Hello Everyone

While visiting Raghubir Nagar we came across a family of Laxmi ben staying with her family since last 15-20 years in this area. She is working as a SEWA sati ben in SEWA Delhi Cooperative . Her husband is a vendor in the local area of Raghubir Nagar. Her elder son is married and working in a garment house as a sales person and her younger son is studying.


She approached to SGRLtd with a problem which she was going through. She was facing the money crises and did not had enough money to marry her daughter, and also she was going through some family problem. As she had an immense need of money  and to over come that problem she had to mortgage her house, as security for an interval of time. But some how due to other responsibilities and burden in her life she could not release her house.


Looking  into the matter and the helplessness of Lakshmi ben, SGRLtd tried to help her by giving her the sum of Rs 3 Lac, through which she was able to release her house.


Today she is leading a very happy and prosperous life with her family members in her own house. She is also helping the other SEWA/ non SEWA members to avail the housing loan facility from SGRLtd.