Loan amount: ₹1,50,000

Loan sanctioned on : 25th Nov’15

Loan disbursed date: 30th Nov’15

Applicant: Kamlesh
Age: 37
Spouse Name : Shyam
Age: 42
Family Size: 5
SEWA member since: 2006
Objective: To release the property paper from money lender


During our survey / meeting in Shavda Ghevra we came across a family that was struggling hard to release their property paper from the money lender. Kamlesh ben along with her family stays in Shavda Ghevra since 2006. They are the 1st allotte in this area. Kamlesh ben is a daily wager and her main occupation is to tie straps on the slippers. Her husband, Shyam is a mechanic (repairs car/ bike etc) Her son is a chef by profession  in a hotel, Crown Plaza and her daughter is studying in 12th standard


In the very beginning  when Kamlesh ben shifted to this location, She was allotted the plot of 12 ½ square yard but did not had enough money to construct the house. Therefore she kept her property paper under the money lender for the sum of Rs 5 lac.

At present though the family is staying at her own house yet she is not able to release the property paper from the money lender which she had mortgaged. Only and only she could repay the interest and her principle amount is standing as it is. Slowly it created a big problem in her family as a result her husband felt sick, and due to tension he lost his senses for an interval of time. The family was completely disturbed.


After approaching to SGRLtd  for housing  loan facility, which proved to be a great help for her and her family. Her case was considered and a loan of Rs 1,50,000 is sanctioned to her.


By the help of this loan amount now she has released her property paper. Today she and her family is very happy and leading a tension free life.