Loan amount: 1,25,000

Loan sanctioned on: 22nd July’15

Loan disbursed: 25th July’15

Applicant:  Bandana
Age: 46 years
Spouse Name: Anand Halder
Age: 50 years
Family Size: 7
SEWA member since: 2014.
Objective: To re-construct the house

Bandana case

Bandan Haldar – Our few of the first customers!

Bandana Haldar is one of our proud customers’ from Savda Ghevra. She is also one of the few women customers who entrusted their belief in SGRL in the beginning. Bandana migrated from West Bengal 25 years back, in search of a promising new life in Delhi, but had never imagined a difficult living condition! She was living in Laxminagar area from where she was reloctaed to Savda Ghevra under the Slum free city program in year 2006. When she came to occupy the plot with her husband,there were no basic amenities; it was just a abandoned land with knee deep water clogging. They stayed in a makeshift hut for many years, while the basic amenities slowly started happening after a year of establishment. Bandana Devi had to commute daily to Lakshmi Nagar for work as she had resettled from there, but her livelihood activity couldn’t be replaced. Lakshminagar has many hostel blocks bustling with young students; which provide a fair business opportunity for her to cook.  She used to take her children along to government school at Lakshminagar, but she had to discontinue due to financial constraints. Her husband was a paddle rickshaw puller, which barely fulfilled their household needs. She and her husband Anand had to save for years to construct their house. Their Neighbors had provided shelter when they were building their house. Finally the house that they made was basic to the core and the dream house still needed extension and finishing.


Bandana was not interested to approach any Local money lender since the interest rates were 5% per month.


One day she heard about SGRL Loan program, she liked the door step service, ease of documentation and lower interest rates. She quickly approached our Loan officer and showed her interest for the loan. The case was further appraised by the Branch manager and the loan was sanctioned after careful due diligence.


Bandana is a proud family head today! She shares the land ownership with her husband today and is more than happy to witness her dream house come true!