About Us

SEWA Grih Rin Ltd has been formed by its SEWA promoters and the helping hand of socially minded investors, who are committed to closing the gap of affordable housing among the poor. SGRL is committed to expand its operations with strong systems and processes which will help it meet the genuine demand of low-income families. We address this growing need through appropriate loan products designed to cater to various housing finance needs of the poor women and their families engaged in informal sector. Key aspects for SEWA Grih Rin Ltd’s lending program:

  1. Lend considering Informal Income.
  2. Lend considering Informal Tenure.
  3. Empower the women.
  4. Help the Poor.
  5. Improve the Homes.
  6. Consequently improve the sanitation and health conditions of the family.
  7. Thereby Improve their Life.



Dream of every woman is to have her own house and our vision is to help her realize this dream.



To finance access to decent housing and sound living environments for and with participation of poor women and their families in the informal sector

Need of Sewa Grih Rin

There is a severe shortage of housing in the country. 90% of the housing shortage being among the low income groups. SEWA Grih Rin Limited aims to contribute to decent homes for the poor as well as empowering the women in these families by creating an asset in their name.   In recent years, the need for a house has become an overwhelming need for the poor, and all the more for poor women. We find that women are willing to make any sacrifice to have a house of their own, for them a house is a productive asset, as many of them earn their living as home-based workers. They work in their own homes through stitching, small shops, making aggarbattis (incense sticks), running catering centers etc. SGRL provides loan to poor women for housing through which they incrementally improve their existing dwellings by adding toilet, pucca roof, a new room etc. A pucca house is often a dream for them. SGRL helps them to realize their dream.

It is generally recognized that housing is often the single most important investment decision made in a lifetime by almost all households.

The Low Income Housing Problem

There is a well-documented shortage of low income housing in India today. Low income housing is neither available nor affordable. So the majority of low-income and informally employed people provide for themselves in informally settled and sub-standard housing. For these people to have a home of their own at a formal location is a dream majorly due to unavailability of formal financial support system read housing loans. The Formal Financial institutions are not able to support these people for either or both of the two reasons of informal income or progressive tenure. SGRL provides housing loans to people who are engaged in informal sector and may have a progressive land title.